Pain into Power…

Truth be told,

Each personal deals with pain contrastively,

Coward or bold.

Some resort to violence to ease the pain,

But never does it subside,

Neither does the pain betake oneself permanently nor heal your aching wounds.

The answer is known to you,

It longingly calls to you,

Awaiting for your acceptance.

Pain can be easily molded into power if allowed to.

With pain comes dedication

With pain comes the will to stand and fight,

To be better,

To restrain yourself from ever hurting again.

You will achieve greatness!!!


What we know to be true

I write the truth and the truth alone

If you will not have time for us,

We will not make time for you.

We have had enough!

Broken promises,

All laced with lies and deceit.

We are fed up!

We will wait for you to realize your mistakes,

I only hope it won’t be too late


Life is not a video game you can restart and rewind as you please.

And you most definitely can’t play people’s lives like one !

You take us for blind and ignorant

But your lies,

We see right through.

Hurt us with the truth,

But never comfort us with a lie.

Giving us fake hope,

Then squandering it in the end

Is like a knife plunged into flesh by kin.

On the outside it pierces the side

but within it captured the soul.


Two Apart

He too was a tempter,

He in turn had a temper.

He too came with floods,

He in turn brought forth drought.

He too was as cold as night,

He in turn was as hot as day.

And forth came

One who could foresee

One who was both hot and cold

One who was perfect beyond imagination

With him came irony of

What could have been,

What was expected to be,

But could never be.

They were after all

Two person’s apart.


Toothless Victim, Melody…

Sweet five year old Melody,

Mouth bare,


Like the day she first saw the light.

One curious little creature,

Never too content with what she already knew.

Such a clueless kitten she was,

Always out searching,

Searching for danger himself.

A whispering of euphoric melodies,

Call out to her,

Only for her ears alone to hear.

She crept through the corners of the dark play of the room.

Never did she cower in fright,

What a brave yet dull child she is!

The wooden floors scream underneath her feet as she took on more rickety steps approaching her crucifixion.


What once was



There she walks,

A poor weakling,

Big eyes,

Braced teeth,

The school nerd,

A disappointment,

Waste of air,

She should just die!’

They said.

Did it hurt?

They hoped it did.


These words I’ve heard all too well,

That was me!

At one point or the other

The outcast

But never was I once ashamed

Now I stand tall

And will forever tell the tale.

The girl who was one the fable

Is now their zeal

My lips could never be sealed

And my pen

Will never slip!