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Amai(Mother) as a question.

♧…•¤•《 AMAI? 》•¤•…♧


A gentle breeze that whispers sweet roundelays as dawn falls.

I’m looking for a way,
A way that i could best portray the perfect picture,

No words i could ink down upon this paper could ever describe the perfect creature we call Amai.
Alike the phoenix, Amai ends with beginnings. She keeps the planet spinning, bare and untainted.

Her child hangs onto her flawless porcelain skin, bathed and oozing in lashes of the suns assaults for only she provides the love and tender care well deserved. Her love shines through Her dark orbs, you dare not question. With her child caged within her wings, you shalln’t enter.

For her child,
she will become the angel Uriel, strong and divine. 
Evil that lerks beware, Bestowed upon Amai is the angel of Michael, 
for heavens saidth she is the protector and Defender you wish not cross her path.

I travelled far and wide but still i fall short, 
for no Wiseman could stand and explain AMAI. 

This woman rare and fair, blessed are those who respect her for T’is the only command with a promise of eternal life. the woman with multiple names,
tender and loving with Christ as her example. Even He, 
the Son of God, 
all mighty and powerful was birthed by Amai. What could be more precious?

So kind an overcome, 
she who looks onto your tomorrow not caring if her mouth has been fed, for her happiness lies in her child.
At times Amai is gullible but still rules with an iron fist to keep you in check,
Far from the path of evil and hands tainted in dark crimson.

her most prized possession,
The heavens are jealous, knows not what she does to keep you well and fed.

All those words i have scribed but still, 
they are nothing near full of what she is and what her child holds in her heart.

a mystery i wish one day to understand though i know by heart i yearn for what could have been, but seizes to exist,
the true meaning of *Amai*.

I dare leave a question, you can never answer…


Kudzai P. Chidamba


A poet wise enough to perceive, the world can never be changed but dense enough to still seek the unattainable.... Kudzai Chidamba.

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